Кабель ВВГнгд 2х10 (артикул
Art. 514

Кабель ВВГнгд 2х10 (артикул

Art. 514
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Conductor material 100
Conductor quantity 2
Insulation type 100
Label ВВГ-П нгд 2 х 10(ож)-1
Standart ГОСТ 16442-80
Ampacities of Conductors in Free Air 76A
Ampacities of Conductors in Soil 94A
Minimal ambient temperature °C
Maximun ambient temperature °C
Maximum permissible operating temperature °C
Maximum short-circuit temperature °C
Minimum installation temperatures -15°C
Life-Cycle Cost 30
Power rating kW
Maximum load voltage 1.00kV
Minimum load voltage 0.66kV
Warranty 60
Sheath material 100
Weight 0.04452kg
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